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Project Area:

Current conditions at the Taylor Park ASCC project site
Vinton Furnace State Forest ASCC project site. Photo Credit: Courtney Peterson, Colorado State University 


A team of managers and scientists from the Ohio Hills are participating in a study called the Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change (ASCC) Network. The goals of this project are to test different silvicultural approaches to climate change and forest health adaptation that will also serve as useful examples across the U.S. and Canada.

The Ohio Hills ASCC study site is located within southeastern Ohio’s Interagency Forestry Team’s Collaborative Oak Management Region. The research units are distributed within Vinton Furnace State Forest, containing a 2,882-acre research zone that is surrounded by 9,393-acres of state forest and a 3,547-acre wildlife management area. Forest types ranging from dry to mesic species compositions dominated by white oak, black oak, chestnut oak, red maple, yellow polar, and sugar maple are promoted by variation in the dissected topography of the region.







Site Leads & Partners: 

Bryce Adams (USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station) is the Ohio Hills ASCC site lead. Todd Hutchinson, Alejandro Royo, and Melissa Thomas Van-Gundy (USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station) are the site co-leads. Key partners and collaborators include Gregory Guess, Courtney Cawood, and Jared Craig (Ohio Division of Forestry), Stephen Matthews (The Ohio State University), and Laura Kearns (Ohio Division of Wildlife).

Ohio Hills ASCC Site Lead

Ohio Hills ASCC Site Co-Lead

Ohio Hills ASCC Site Co-Lead

Ohio Hills ASCC Site Co-Lead