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Monitoring & Next Steps


Monitoring is an essential component of the ASCC study. We will collaborate with research partners from many institutions to investigate the effectiveness of the different silvicultural treatments aimed at creating adaptive ecosystems. Some of the monitoring items include: 

  • Regeneration of planted seedlings
  • Residual tree survival and growth 
  • Vegetation diversity
  • Microclimate conditions 
  • Hydrology and catchment data 
  • Operational costs and productivity
  • Coarse woody debris
  • Carbon and nutrient pools

The study sites will be a large investment into research infrastructure that is expected to support and attract additional short- and long-term investigations as well as collaborations with internal and external partners.

Progress & Next Steps:

Each of the adaptation treatments will be replicated 4 times across a 200-hectare (500-acre) area on the Petawawa Research Forest. Natural Resources Canada is collaborating with key partners to determine potential seed lots for future-adapted seedlings. Pre-treatment forest inventory data will be collected in 2019 and 2020. The treatment units will be implemented in winter 2020-21. Future data collection will focus on tree regeneration, forest growth, forest health, and carbon and nutrient fluxes. The PRF ASCC trial will participate in network-wide analytical initiatives.